Part Time Jobs for Seniors

Where Can You Find the Best Part Time Jobs for Seniors?

Man reading newspaper, looking for part time jobs for seniors AARP has been an excellent advocate for seniors for many years. About a year ago, they published an article discussing some of the best part time jobs for seniors. Some of their suggestions included blogging, working as a coach or referee, and teaching or tutoring to provide additional income while allowing a flexible work schedule. You can read the AARP article to get a better feel for their suggestions. It's a good read, and offers insight into the hours worked, pay ranges, and qualifications for each suggestion.

It's great to offer suggestions about the benefits of such part time jobs, but you need to know a bit more about how to make a go of blogging if you'd like to have a chance of success. Like the other part time jobs for seniors suggested by AARP, blogging allows some flexibility in your work schedule. Unlike the other suggestions, blogging does not offer any assurances with regard to the money you can make per hour worked. The effectiveness of your blogging effort determines your income. Sadly, establishing an online income is anything but straightforward, and there are a multitude of ways to lose money online before ever making a dime. The AARP article is very forthcoming in stating that most bloggers are making very little money per month. But for those who understand what they need to do and who are consistent in their efforts, blogging can be very lucrative.

What is blogging, and how can I earn money at it?

Almost as soon as the Internet became popular, people began using it to post information about their hobbies and passions. Their post were available for all to read on ‘web logs', a term that was soon shortened to blog. The number of people blogging has grown substantially over time, especially since putting up websites has become so easy. It has reached the point where almost anyone can put up a web site with very little effort, in as little as five minutes. The technical barriers to blogging have all but disappeared – so why do so many find it difficult to earn money online?

There is no simple book of directions for how to earn money online. A quick online search will find thousands of sites offering to pass on the secrets of making money online – for a nominal fee. The problem is that all those nominal fees add up, and none come with a guarantee of success. The sheer number of paths you could take to begin earning money online reduces your chance for success, simply because you try one method after another. You can't know how much time to try using one method before you move on to the next, perhaps stopping short of your first bit of online income.

What's the secret to blogging for dollars?

Blogging - one of several part time jobs for seniors I come to you as someone who retired from the construction business. My retirement was a bit earlier than I would have liked, coming as it did during an economic downturn. I spent a lot of time and money running down blind alleys than I care to admit looking for the secret to making money online. I finally found the answer I was looking for, and it is available for free.

There is a large community of others with the same goal – to earn money online. The community is made up of  thousands of active members, all sharing their successes and failures for the good of everyone. When I say that membership in the community is free, know that you can become and remain a member for as long as you like – for free. The community has its own web servers and is able to provide the membership with up to two domain names for free, and provide hosting for those domains for free – for as long as you like. I have not found anything like it elsewhere on the web.

Simply providing free domain names, free hosting, and mountains of information isn't enough, however. The community has structured lessons to help you each step of the way as you learn to tame the Internet, making money and having fun along the way. You've undoubtedly looked at other part time jobs for seniors – here's your opportunity to explore an opportunity with nothing but upside to it.

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