Online Jobs for College Students

Online Jobs for College Students Are Available!

Are you looking for a job for the summer? Would you like to find something you can continue at odd hours during the school year, working from your computer?

Online jobs for college students Working for a wage

You could turn to the usual suspects, taking online surveys, handling document translation, programming, or just working as a freelance writer. Variations of those jobs include becoming a virtual assistant for a law firm or other company. Alternately, you could fall back on a data entry position.
Those opportunities do allow you to work from your computer, and they may even allow give you more flexibility in your work schedule. Unfortunately, you're still working for a wage, with your income effectively limited by your available free time.

Your own online business

You could also set yourself up with an online presence as a reseller on an established site such as eBay or Amazon. The downside is that you need to be capable of selecting, storing, and shipping products. You also need to deal with product returns and damaged or missing shipments. Those willing to delegate may elect to find a suitable supplier who will work with them as a drop shipper. They will soon find they're are still on the hook for delayed shipments, damaged goods, and products shipped which don't meet the customer's expectations however.

Making money – without a product or service

Crowd of Lego people Many companies are willing to pay handsomely if you can provide them a stream of potential customers. Your involvement begins and ends with each viable candidate you provide. You never need to meet or screen the candidates. You simply have to get them in the front door. Can you feel the possibilities beginning to come into focus? You have to know that  online jobs exist for college students!
Fortunately for those interested in working at their computer, it can all be handled online. The possibilities are endless, from exposing site visitors to advertising or getting those visitors to click on ads, or even getting visitors to purchase products or services. You have only two requirements: a suitable niche and significant traffic volume.

Do it right – or don't do it at all

If you pick the right niche and drive lots of visitors to that site, you can make hundreds or thousands dollars every month. Once you've established your online presence, you'll be able to grow that presence over time – and grow your income with it. The beautiful part of it is that you'll be banking money while you sleep – because the Internet never sleeps.

The question then becomes: How? How do you get your arms around the possibilities offered by the Internet. Many others have tried and failed to make money online. It can be done, but without guidance, it's a tough nut to crack.

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  1. John

    I think working online is a great source of income for college students.
    Who knows, they may even be able to scale it into a long-term business and never have to work at a job their whole lives!
    What a life that would be!!

  2. Dennis (Post author)

    … All that would remain is to pay off those pesky student loans 🙂

    Scaling it into a long term business can be a vision for not only students, but stay at home parents, retirees… the list is endless!

    Thanks for commenting!


  3. Linda

    Nice job Dennis! Love the content, site is easy to maneuver around in, and your layout looks great (nice and clean)

    To your success!


  4. Dennis (Post author)

    Great! Glad to see you’ve taken the time to look around. The site is still new and growing – so come back when you have a moment and check out the free tools available to help those establishing an online income, with some instructional videos to follow shortly thereafter.

    I hope to see you on site again!



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