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OK, I'm here. How Can I Really Make Money Online?

key-470345_640Introductions are in order. My name is Dennis, and I'm here to offer you the Keys to the Kingdom. Read on to find out about Wealthy Affiliate, the last place you'll search to make money online. You won't need your credit card. You don't need to log into PayPal. You can do this for free.

I'm a bit of an information junky, and after (literally) years of scouring the Internet for information about how to work online, I finally found Wealthy Affiliate. I signed up as a free member, and began reading, watching videos, and checking out other comments on line. Amazing!

Wealthy Affiliate opened the information floodgates for me. Not only did it open the floodgates, but the information released was, well… informative! I didn't have to wade through sales pitches, up sells, or cross sells. I was no longer looking at a single online marketer trumpeting their latest wares, or spilling forth opinions that may or may not be true. Most importantly, I wasn't wasting huge amounts of time, money, and effort trying to sort it all out.

The bottom line is that if you were wondering “How can I really make money online?”, Wealthy Affiliate has you covered.

Home-BusinessWealthy Affiliates gives you straightforward guidance toward earning money online as you get started, in a series of step-by-step tutorials. Once you've become comfortable with the basics, you can access vast amounts more information – more than you could ever use. The trick is to avoid being distracted by all the possibilities. Focus on the basics, follow the directions given at Wealthy Affiliate, sweat the details (without becoming obsessive), and be consistent in your efforts.

Many online gurus would have you believe there are secrets to unlock and tricks to master in earning money online. Not so! You do not need to become a magicians apprentice to learn all the secrets and showmanship necessary to earn money online. It's an occupation, just like any other.

You can do this.

Join us.


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  1. Tracy Wever

    Dennis A well written and organized website. You are spot on with your description of Wealthy Affiliate, they are the best I have found for building a web business. Great site.

    1. Dennis (Post author)

      Great minds think alike!! 🙂

      The more I get into the resources and tools offered by Wealthy Affiliate, the more impressed I become. The depth of information and willingness to help among members is incredible!

      Thanks for taking a look!!

  2. Stephen Connors

    Just spent the last hour or so looking around the site, its a great site with an excellent well presented message. I as a fellow WA have learnt so much in the hour I have been on the site and will take its aspirational effect in to my WA Review site.

    Brilliant stuff.

    Stephen Connors (WA-@theAcademy)

    1. Dennis (Post author)

      Excellent! I’m glad to hear that you’ve found value in the site. I’ve found it useful to review others’ sites – it’s a great education!



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