Procrastination Cures Writers Block!

Unbelievably, Procrastination Cures Writers Block!

I've found a solution of sorts for those occasions when my brain turns to a lump of clay, and I can't get my teeth into writing. Most of my writing recently has been about setting up a successful online business, but the suggestions below will serve well for authors in all walks of life. Read on to learn how procrastination cures writers block!

To make this work, you have to play a mind game with yourself. It's not too difficult, since we all come pre-wired from the factory with a willingness to procrastinate when we're presented with any potentially boring or undesirable task. Take advantage of that mindset to overcome your writers block!

Back of bald head

Let the Games Begin!

I start with a blank screen or piece of paper, do a bit of keyword research in my niche, and jot down a related topic in the WordPress editor. Keyword research is kind of fun; certainly there's nothing creative going on. I can cope with it even if my brain has taken the day off. Note that I'm just taking some notes, not really writing. I'm just making a list of things I found interesting – and potentially profitable.

Tapping pencil, wondering how procrastination  cures writers blockNext I pick one of the keywords and search for it (in double quotes) in Google – just checking into one of those interesting topics. At this point, my brain is completely sucked in, and thinks this is part of my normal procrastination. Ha!

I look for the major bits that define the topic when I look at the sites from Google. I jot down the most pertinent bits, just under my chosen topic in the editor. You'll notice that there's an outline starting to form here, but I'm still not writing, and my brain is barely aware it's in use. What's more, there's no need to worry about the merits of my little list. I haven't put anything “out there” for others to critique. I'm in a safe spot, just researching.

After I've identified 6 or 8 of those major bits to expand on, I close the browser, and begin tossing ideas and thoughts under each of the main themes that make up my topic. Just fleshing it out with some random thoughts, you understand. It's still a draft, and no one can see it but myself.

The Hat Trick

Redlined text, after proofreadingI can't just leave it like that though. There are sentence fragments, the capitalization and punctuation are all wrong, etc… so I put on my proofreader hat. While I'm at it, I begin tying the bits together, so one paragraph transitions easily to another. Mind you, I'm still not “out there”, I'm just proofreading – the same as I would before sending an email.

Now it's starting to look like something – a research paper! Boring!! Off comes the proofreader hat, and on goes the editor hat. Time to put a title on it (an H1 header) and sprinkle some H3 headers throughout to break up the text and draw the eye down the page. Add a picture or two, and suddenly it's starting to look like something! Wait… something else… what was it? Ah yes – the keyword! Is it in my H1 tag? Can I work it into my first paragraph? Done!

The editor is pleased. It's time to push the Publish button.

Wait! What? It's written? It's out there for all to see?? Perhaps it's not too bad, coming from a lump of clay!

After re-reading the article, I decide that it really doesn't look too bad – and traffic begins to find its way to the finely written, proofread, and edited masterpiece!

The bottom line? Apparently procrastination cures writers block!

The idea of using procrastination as a tool occurred to me after I started putting up pages of free tools and resources on this web site. One of those resources has helped me significantly in my efforts to grow my online business. I don't see any reason for you to have to make the same mistakes I made when I began my online businesses.

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Do you have a question or comment about how procrastination and how it cures writers block? Do you have a scathingly brilliant idea that cures writers block? Spell it out in the comment box below and let it fly!


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  1. geoff-n-jane

    Hi Dennis,
    Your website looks very professional and you have interesting and informative articles.

    This article is really good … Love it.
    Love the way, when your brain feels like a lump of clay, you trick your mind into thinking it’s just researching an article rather than actually writing it.
    Then when your brain either seems to clear itself, or when it catches up with your keyword search doodlings, you put your writers hat on and all you have to do now is a bit of editing.
    And Wa La your article/blog is done.

    Enjoyed that Thank you.

    1. Dennis (Post author)

      One of the best parts of struggling through writing an article here is hearing from folks who come to visit the site and enjoy what they’ve read. Thanks for your interest and your comment!

      If it’s of interest, I’ll be putting up a list of free tool in the next day or two. Come on back and see if anything strikes your fancy!


  2. Peter

    Love it! Great article and a clever idea and your entire website is clean and simple, by simple I mean free from clutter and easy on the eyes. Good Job 🙂

    1. Dennis (Post author)

      There are time when I’m distracted or stressed, or just plain lazy I suppose. Those are the times I need to play mind games. It doesn’t work all the time – but I’m always amused at the outcome when I’m done, and my outlook for the rest of the day improves! Thanks for the comment.

      All the best – Dennis


    Great article, haha I love the brain tricks! I do a similar thing where I just tell myself that I will just get some ideas down so I don’t forget the thoughts and ideas that were floating around. Then bam, before I know it, it is done. I do need more practice with the key word stuff, and perhaps a bit more research, but I’m working on it!!!

    1. Dennis (Post author)

      You’ve got the hang of it then! If you just get started working in the general direction you intend to write, suddenly you find it’s a done deal! Great to hear you have a handle on it ~

  4. Gina Gonzalez

    Hi Dennis, I am a new blogger and appreciate your method. I learned so much from you in just this one post. I especially like your writing style. I will revisit your website many times I am sure. There is so much to learn! Thank you, Gina

    1. Dennis (Post author)

      Hi Gina, glad you came to visit and look around. There is still a lot of information to add… the affiliate marketing world is forever changing! If you haven’t seen it already, a good place to start reading is – there are some interesting links to check out at the bottom of the page.

      Let me know if you have any questions!



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